Am I nervous about the Ride?

Quite a few people have asked me about my feelings as the launch date quickly approaches. It is now less than 2 weeks until I leave my warm safe space of home and head out into the wild blue yonder. So many questions have come up and I really don’t know where to begin or how to answer those questions about the trip but here goes on a few.

Am I getting nervous? Yes, absolutely without question I am nervous about certain aspects of this adventure. The biggest issue for me in this whole ordeal will be being away from my wife for several weeks. I will miss her badly and so wish she could somehow join me on the journey. I have tremendous anxiety about being away from her for that long, however when we really look at it 6 or 7 weeks goes by really fast. We also will talk at the minimum of once per day on Skype or by whatever means possible. When we talk about it, she has the exact same feelings that I do. Chris works at the National Guard Camp so last night when we were discussing things I asked her to think about those men and women of the armed forces who are deployed from their families. My little mission around the country is nothing by comparison and when we think about it in those terms it’s really not that long and Chris and I spent the first 2 years of our relationship apart. She lived in Houston and I lived here in Rapid City. We can and will get through this. There is also Memorial Day weekend to think about when she joins me in Boston for a little rendezvous.

Some other thoughts have crossed my mind about preparing the things around the house that I would normally do at this time of year like planting a garden, (probably not gonna happen this year), cleaning the yard up and getting things set up with the lawn company so when I get back I don’t have a ton of work to do. Are my bills all set up for automatic payments? What do I do when Chris needs something fixed at home? What do I do if I have a major breakdown with the bike? And of course I am one of those guys who does not like to come back to a mess so organizing the garage and office is always put off until the last minute. All the “what if’s” cross your mind when you prepare for a journey such as this one but I think it will really come down to just getting as much done as I can and “winging” the rest.

I have found myself somewhat behind the curve as far as getting and keeping things organized. So much so that I have let my blog writing and social media posting fall behind. I cannot let that happen. I will find a way to get organized and stay organized on this ride but I will not let that organization process get in the way of the goals I have set out to do on the ride. At times I feel pushed and stressed about the last minute details of the upcoming Poker Run and Bon Voyage Event. Will people show up? Will the weather come along and kill the event? Most days most of you know me as a pretty positive person and I try to live with as many positive vibes as I can but the questions are always there, lurking in the back of my mind.

As the story goes along all these feelings and questions will pass. They will be what they will be and no amount of planning and preparation can tackle the un-expected issues of the day. The BMW is ready and I will be ready and I will tackle each thing as it comes along. One step at a time, breathe a little bit and lets Ride On.