Less than 90 days to the Ride

It’s amazing to me that a campaign like this one which was literally created less than 90 days ago on a yellow legal pad can and has come this far, and in less than 90 days I will be leaving for an adventure of a lifetime. I can’t thank everyone enough who has helped me along the way and the encouragement has just added a layer of strength to all that I am doing. Both friends and family have commented on how much better I look these days. It’s because I have once again found drive and purpose to my daily living. If you are a cancer patient or have been sidelined by a disease, it may be time that you find some drive and find a purpose to keep on living. When you find a purpose you will find the drive and you soon realize how much better you start to feel after you get started. Yes, you’ll still have a bad day and need a day of rest, but finding and creating new outlets for living is where it’s at. DO IT! DO IT NOW!

This past week we had some cold temps but last Thursday was better and melted the snow off the roads and by Friday the temps were near 60 or above and hit the road and went for a 200 mile round trip up to Alzda Montana and back to Rapid City. The bike worked great and it gave me an opportunity to play with my GPS a bit and test out the bike once again. I will do several of these trips as long as the weather cooperates prior to the ride date of April 28th. When I got home I checked the mail and to my surprise my personalized license plate had arrived. Just one more piece of the puzzle knocked out.

Planning and setting goals are a huge part of what I have done up to this point. I guess all those goal setting seminars I attended when I worked in a corporate world are starting to pay off. The goals and ideas created on a legal pad start to give way to the electronic gadgets we now use in our daily lives. I’m still kind of old school and I still write things down to help me visualize my goals and with each goal come a set of steps to help me achieve the ultimate vision. However you might set your goals, it helps to keep them in front of you and keep the vision going. The next couple of months should be interesting in the planning department for me and I hope you follow the journey.