A cold winter day

As the temps are bleak and the wind is howling at 40mph gusting to 70mph, its hard to believe that in 90 days I’ll be pushing off on my adventure of a lifetime on a motorcycle. There is so much to do and at times I feel overwhelmed but other times I know that it takes a lot to put this all together and even baby steps forward are at least steps forward. This past week I did manage to get the aluminum frame piece that holds the signs to the bike started. The welding shop will get it going in the next few days. I also set up several meetings with potential sponsors and had conversations with a couple of cancer research foundations. All positive.

As I get things prepared for the bike I have been spending a lot of time watching You Tube videos on how to pack light, safety tips, gear needed, riding in traffic hints and so on. There is a lot of good useful information out there and some of the You Tubers that I have connected with have been to my website and have given me positive feedback. I am not all that technical savvy but I may try to do a video or two myself. I have been fooling around a bit with my old GoPro to mount on the bike, but the more I fiddle with it the more I want something a bit more user friendly and simpler to use. I’ll keep looking. I still need to get a new phone so maybe I will incorporate a mounting system for that and get some additional uses out of one electronic devise. We’ll keep playing.