Been a busy week so Far

I am soon realizing what a job I have created for myself. Trust me it’s all good! I have been very busy these last few days answering e-mail, sending out thank you notes to those who have generously given donations, keeping up with the social media launch, trying to get the sign frames done for the bike and figuring out trip details and stops along the route. Whew……All this going on and our water heater decides its going to act up and give us a 3 minute shower at best and since the water heater is in a tight spot they want over $1400 for a new one to be installed. Ouch! Man when it rains it pours. Like I said though, it’s all good. Keep positive and keep pushing on.

Response to the website, social media things and the ride has been awesome. We have had lots of new hits to the website everyday and this has been a wonderful experience to go through. If you follow along you should start seeing some website updates, more social media posts, photos of the bike being transformed into the rolling billboard and maybe some other short stories too. So stay tuned and I promise to blog a bit more in the coming days.