The Launch of Ridin On with Rare Cancer

Yesterday I decided to launch the Ridin On project on social media. I was feeling some anxiety about the whole thing and still do to some degree. I have never really put myself in the spotlight yet I have always wanted to help people but only in some small way. Seeing my photo and project splashed across social media has made this thing very real and I have to keep reminding myself that this thing is NOT about me but instead I look to all the other rare cancer warriors out there who deserve the credit. They are the ones who I draw my inspiration from to see this through until the end. They are the ones battling the disease. Many live in pain that’s much worse than mine and cannot do or even attempt to do something like this. The project is for them. I’m just the facilitator that’s Ridin On to spread the word that we’re anything but dead.

The support in the first 24 hours has been absolutely awesome and I can’t thank you ALL enough. I do hope it keeps growing and I think I have enough ideas in my head to keep it all rolling. Time will tell but I have a pretty big job ahead of me. I realized yesterday and this morning that I will have to be quite organized on this journey. There will be so many things to keep track of and I’ll have to learn to do it on the road. It’s one thing to blog or write things in the comfort of my office, but it will probably be a different story trying to do it after riding, seeing the sights, taking lots of pictures and visiting with people all over the country every day for nearly 2 months.

As the project rolls along and if you follow along, I will share with you nearly every aspect leading up to the trip. First I will transform the motorcycle into a rolling billboard. I have a sign frame being built to bolt onto the bike. The signs that will be mounted measure 16inches by 24 inches and will have the Ridin On logo printed on them. The rest of the bike will have vinyl wrap done on the side bags and anywhere we can get an inspirational quote stuck on. I want it to draw attention. I want it to be the centerpiece of a conversation starter. I also have brochures being printed to hand out along the trip, explaining what I’m doing and have a few folks kind enough to get a “poker run” put together and working on a “send off” party. I’ll try to get some media attention as well, so if anyone knows any good radio disc jockey’s along the route or here at home I certainly am open to sharing what its all about. I am also working on getting some shirts printed and will figure out a way for you to purchase those here on the website. For an old retired guy dying of a rare cancer I sure have a lot to do. I think I’ll stick around just to get it done, and then keep Ridin On.