The First Blog Post

WOW! All I can say is WOW!. It’s here, it’s real, Only a vision and a dream 60 days ago and we have taken this thing from nothing but notes on a yellow pad to a real website (THANKS FOREST), buying the bike, getting the safety gear, building a marketing plan with a logo, brochures, signs being done, endless searches for places to stay, things to see and things to do while on the road. I’ve never “BLOGGED” before so this will be a great new adventure in itself. I am learning so many new things as we build this thing it amazes me.

I must take the time in this first post to give a HUGE shout out and THANKS to my amazing wife Chris. She makes this all worth it and her support is unmatched. I’ve never been so close to her as I am today. In the last 30 days I bet I’ve told her a dozen times that this was a stupid idea and I need to give it a rest. She has constantly fired back. “To late, you're in for the ride now”.

As a stage 4 cancer patient sometimes it’s hard to imagine yourself doing anything more than laying around waiting to die. In the last several years I have not let myself have that attitude. Chris and I have had some amazing fun, meeting new friends, traveling to places riding in our Polaris RZR and just getting out and enjoying life. Take it from me……Don’t wait until you have stage 4 cancer to get out and enjoy yourself. DO IT. Whatever it takes DO IT and DO IT NOW.

As we move along with Blog posts, social media, fundraisers, and meeting new friends and fellow cancer warriors, hopefully my words will bring an inspiration to others. When I was a Sales Manager, my team of sales associates will tell you I started most days by e-mailing a quote, a message or other inspiration to help them start their day. I aim to do the same here and in the coming days/weeks/months or years I’ll share some thoughts related to life’s journey.

So, stay tuned. I’ll try to share as much as I can about the ride but more importantly about bringing awareness to rare cancer and the journey to keep Ridin On. The following quote is one you will see used in this campaign quite a bit.

“The Best of My Life Will be the Rest of My Life”