Good Morning Followers

Well it’s been an interesting week for sure. Planning this ride is becoming a full time job. As many of you know I have not worked in over 2 years after a couple surgeries to remove tumors from my lower right lobe of my lung as well as under my left arm, so getting back to work on a major project seems like a mountain to me. Its all GOOD though. I am enjoying the “ride” already and I’ve not even left Rapid City yet. We originally wanted to do a big announcement on social media and a maybe a press release toward the end of this month but I shared a bit to much information with some kind hearted folks that did a search and came across the website and Facebook page and decided to share it with a few, who then shared it with a few and so on and I guess it was a pre-mature launch to say the least. Right away the support has been amazing but has left me now scrambling to try and get this all launched sooner than I had anticipated. I’m not discouraged. I don’t sweat the little stuff anymore. It’s all a part of a journey. Will it be my final journey? Only God knows that answer and I don’t let my mind dwell on what could be in the future or where I’ve been in the past. Living for today and only today seems a bit more comforting to me.